Strategic Marketing Book

Building Brands on Purpose*

By Chris Hogan

Chris' book reveals the PROACTIVE strategic marketing framework

The PROACTIVE framework is designed to help you win the hearts and minds of your team and customers, for life.

Chris has spent the last 25 years in the marketing industry and 17 years as an agency owner.

While this alone may seem like enough to write a book, it wasn’t until 10 years into owning his agency that Chris discovered his true purpose, to build brands on purpose. 


Watch the Book Launch and how and why Chris wrote this book.

With 25 years of hard lessons learnt in business and marketing across the globe and two years of writing and editing, Building Brands On Purpose is Chris’ way of helping us all be better at marketing.

This book is not all corporate/marketing talk. It’s about becoming a better leader.

It’s about your team, your customers and how you can create an emotional connection enabling you to operate your business with the power and purpose of one.

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