About Chris 

G'day, I'm Chris Hogan. I believe a successful business, is a purpose-led business.

After 25 years in the marketing industry, I’ve discovered my true passion is to build brands on purpose by working with leaders who wish to inspire their teams and their customers to do business for good.

Chris Hogan is a thought-provoking author, speaker, passionate podcaster and strategic marketer.


He’s also fun, down to earth and relatable.


As a leading strategic content marketer, Chris’ career passion is building brands on purpose. He has spent the last 25 years working within Australia and internationally and is the founder of MeMedia Marketing Agency, headquartered in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.


He is well known for being the host of The PROACTIVE Podcast and developing an easy to implement PROACTIVE marketing framework helping his clients be more strategic and achieve smooth reliable sustainable growth.

A passionate advocate for being purpose-led, Chris’ goal is to help more founders and visionaries harness their purpose and make an impact across the globe, solving #problemsworthsolving.

Also known as Hoges or more recently, “The Purpose Guy” Chris has spent years honing his strategic marketing methodology to put purpose and values at the forefront of every organisation’s culture and strategic marketing planning and execution.



Building Brands On Purpose is Chris’ first book, published in 2021.

Chris tells of his 25 years of experience being a marketer and how this culminated in creating a strategic marketing framework to win the hearts and minds of your team and customers, for life.

Chris strongly believes that more leaders need to educate, entertain and inspire their crew, customer and community.


Our goal in marketing and advertising is to emotionally connect with our audience. People remember how you make them feel, and those who engage with you or your marketing emotionally will never forget you. Emotions last long after the first engagement and if emotion is attached to the purchase, the feeling also lasts.”